Saturday, September 24, 2011


Riot has been turning on dominion to test servers the past days...and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! Maybe that's just euphoric reaction, as it's new, though.

Anyhow, I'd like to share my thoughts about it. I love the fact that being a fast thinker helps you much. You are also not bound to the team so much, so your positioning (if you die) isn't blamed /so/ much.
So far it looks like tanky-DPS are the main role, but I've already seen successful heimers and talons, so mage/assassin players, keep your hopes up!

Also there is the starting method. What you prefer to do? 3 up 2 down? 4 up 1 down? 2 up 3 down?
I personally started liking 4/1 method, because you can win top in 4v3 fight easily and if bot is a ranged harraser, he should be capable of holding the point long enough to have someone help him later...

Different thoughts? Leave them in the comments, please ^^

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Season one - Recap

Season one started July last year and is ending in a few days (Wednesday/Thursday, it looks like on EU). What has happened in that time? Some trailer along with trailer spoofs (and this one, whatever it is ) was released, 28 champions were released (Riven is not counted, she is coming out after the season ends), Magma Chamber was announced and cancelled (or paused? ), EU split appeared and Dominion was announced.

So what did we and Riot learn? We learned that a new champion without dash skill = UP (Right, Trundle, Yorick and Skarner?) and champion with a dash skill is nicely OP, melting everyone's faces on the first try and can nicely pull out a 1v3 fight without getting seriously damaged. Yes, I am talking about release Xin. I hated that week...

Well, one thing Riot certainly learned is somewhat balancing non-released champions. They now aren't totally unbeatable monsters, but they still need nerfs mostly. Or buffs (Hi again, Yorick)
Another thing they learned is, how they shouldn't announce things too much ahead of them releasing said things.
And we should learn how to not get overexcited over every little thing they announce :P

I would even draw for you something, but I am out of ideas currently :<
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