Thursday, November 24, 2011


For those who haven't noticed, dodge is getting removed.

Why? The main reason would be the fact that Dodge, like critical strike, is completely random based and therefore it isn't something you could call skill. What do you do when you towerdive a person with 5HP and expect him to die to one attack, he dodges it and you have to retreat? You call him lucker.
But unlike critical strike, dodge only has one counter and it isn't the best counter in the world.  Namely, it's sword of the divine. While you can counter critical strikes with armor and HP, you can't counter dodge by buying attack speed, attack damage or armor penetration.

Second reason would be that it's simply un-fun... If you have 20% dodge chance, there are whiles where no one is able to damage you with normal attacks....but then there are whiles when you simply don't dodge anything. Dodge is a scumbag ._. .

Champions who have something to do with dodge will be getting reworked and dodge runes are gonna get repayed...

:> anything more to discuss? :P

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