Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Player disconnected? No problem!

  It happens from time to time that one person from your team just can't connect. Mostly it's not their fault so you shouldn't rage too much about it. Try to play properly instead!
  Your enemies will think that it's a free win when they are playing 5v4, prove them wrong! They will play careless and will probably feed you and your mates. While they have the bonus of one player, you have the element of surprise at your side! Play your best and beat the rest! You'll soon notice that in teamfights where everyone is present, one kill of your enemies is worth more EXP than kill of your teammates resulting in your team getting more experience from teamfights, and so it is overleveled. That is something from which you can take advantage and take a fast win on 4v5. Just don't surrender at the beginning. And most importantly have loads of fun! :D

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