Saturday, December 3, 2011

So I somehow derped in Skyrim and Sony vegas...Gief opinions please :>

Thursday, November 24, 2011


For those who haven't noticed, dodge is getting removed.

Why? The main reason would be the fact that Dodge, like critical strike, is completely random based and therefore it isn't something you could call skill. What do you do when you towerdive a person with 5HP and expect him to die to one attack, he dodges it and you have to retreat? You call him lucker.
But unlike critical strike, dodge only has one counter and it isn't the best counter in the world.  Namely, it's sword of the divine. While you can counter critical strikes with armor and HP, you can't counter dodge by buying attack speed, attack damage or armor penetration.

Second reason would be that it's simply un-fun... If you have 20% dodge chance, there are whiles where no one is able to damage you with normal attacks....but then there are whiles when you simply don't dodge anything. Dodge is a scumbag ._. .

Champions who have something to do with dodge will be getting reworked and dodge runes are gonna get repayed...

:> anything more to discuss? :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Champion quotes - HINTS! Listen to them!

so...I didn't write anything in quite a while and that should be changed...So I decided to put together a little quote list of quotes of champions which are trying to guide you :>

AkaliRemain focused. - One should ignore distractions while it eating, listening to music or even listening to what mom's telling you! (but well, there are circumstances when one should pay attention to his surroundings....)
         - Symmetry in all things. - One shouldn't build a glass cannon, neither a pure tank and should watch the balance between offence and defence items.

AlistarYou must follow. - Follow your tank, as if he was a beacon of light in darkness of the night.
            - Mess with the bull and you get the horns! - DON'T. POKE. ALISTAR. EVER.

Amumu Let's find some friends. - Don't go away from your friends....they might be in trouble and they need you. Or you might get in trouble...and well, you should be the tank but...nevertheless, find your mates and make the magic of friendship :>

Anivia - Keep cool. - Even if the enemy you hate flashes away with 1 HP, don't loose your calm...It will only hurt you. Better is to stay cool and be frozen hearted to enemies. [pun intended]
            - So young, so naive! - If you think that X champion does nothing, just because you didn't see one, doesn't mean that if you feed him, he will remain weak...You might be surprised (and while surprise parties are a good thing [hi fiddle], surprises like "Enemy Penta-kill" aren't. Trust me on this one!)

Annie - Have you seen my bear Tibbers? - Don't let her show him to you. It hurts.

Ashe My aim is steady. -  Aim twice, fire once. Better than the other way.

Blitzcrank A rolling golem gathers no rust. - Keep moving. It saves lives. 

Brand You can't contain me, summoner. - Even if you are doing extremely well, you are not Brand himself. You'll never be able to penta-kill those guys with banshee veils!

Caitlyn I love a good chase. - If that Caitlyn has 2 phantom dancers and you're not Kassadin, don't chase her...

Cassiopeia You think I'm a freak; let me get on your level. - Sometimes, the enemy who has wrong build in your opinion is just a higher skilled human who uses a different methods...don't think it won't work just because AD LeBlanc sounds cheesy.

Cho'Gath Afraid of the dark...? Wise! - Checking an enemy territory without vision alone is never a good idea. Unless you are Cho...with 6 tank items....and flash...and Shen, Pantheon, Twisted Fate and Karthus in team...Then it's really just about a point of view.

Corki This is Major Tom to ground control! - Talk with your team in a positive way...or at least neutral. It helps a lot! :>

Well, that's it for now, will write more soon™!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New comic, made in boredom

So I made a new comic, based on a game few days ago with my mate...ENJOY!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Riot has been turning on dominion to test servers the past days...and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! Maybe that's just euphoric reaction, as it's new, though.

Anyhow, I'd like to share my thoughts about it. I love the fact that being a fast thinker helps you much. You are also not bound to the team so much, so your positioning (if you die) isn't blamed /so/ much.
So far it looks like tanky-DPS are the main role, but I've already seen successful heimers and talons, so mage/assassin players, keep your hopes up!

Also there is the starting method. What you prefer to do? 3 up 2 down? 4 up 1 down? 2 up 3 down?
I personally started liking 4/1 method, because you can win top in 4v3 fight easily and if bot is a ranged harraser, he should be capable of holding the point long enough to have someone help him later...

Different thoughts? Leave them in the comments, please ^^

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Season one - Recap

Season one started July last year and is ending in a few days (Wednesday/Thursday, it looks like on EU). What has happened in that time? Some trailer along with trailer spoofs (and this one, whatever it is ) was released, 28 champions were released (Riven is not counted, she is coming out after the season ends), Magma Chamber was announced and cancelled (or paused? ), EU split appeared and Dominion was announced.

So what did we and Riot learn? We learned that a new champion without dash skill = UP (Right, Trundle, Yorick and Skarner?) and champion with a dash skill is nicely OP, melting everyone's faces on the first try and can nicely pull out a 1v3 fight without getting seriously damaged. Yes, I am talking about release Xin. I hated that week...

Well, one thing Riot certainly learned is somewhat balancing non-released champions. They now aren't totally unbeatable monsters, but they still need nerfs mostly. Or buffs (Hi again, Yorick)
Another thing they learned is, how they shouldn't announce things too much ahead of them releasing said things.
And we should learn how to not get overexcited over every little thing they announce :P

I would even draw for you something, but I am out of ideas currently :<
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smart Patching? Me gusta

My twitter friend haubix found/stumbled upon a way how to patch your LoL and still play on EU while NA is down :)

You just have to switch region to NA, let it patch (get ready for ~500MB patch) and then switch back to EU, where you download some (~50MB) files and you can play :). It's that easy :)

(P.S.: I believe it has something to do with how replay system will work so keep your eyes open on some of the next patches ;) )

Thursday, August 18, 2011


While many people are so much excited about DotA 2 and many people are already claiming that it's the mother of all MOBA games and so on, and that LoL is gonna die now, I am more objective about it, in my opinion.

First, I'd like to point out that DotA 2 isn't mother of MOBA genre...nor was ever DotA. Aeon of Strife was first mod which made this genre up and running.

Secondly, I have to say that DotA community has failed me...League of Legends has some millions players and totally diminishing number of them were ever claiming that DotA is a bad game. While we didn't play it, we didn't discourage others from p

laying it. We discouraged people from playing HoN, for what HoN was (a cheap copypasta). And what we get in return? Posts like this "OMG HoN and LoL are just cheap copies, they better die now, they just used ctrl+c, ctrl+v"

Did we really deserve it? If yes, tell me with what.

Also, I found this in the comments under the DotA 2 trailer (which just doesn't cut it as much as other valve movies...what happened with them?) "omg LOL and HoN have taken the models from WC3... Nice trailer hope its get better then LoL"

Now you might say "That's just some dumbass, you can't base the objective view on one idiot" /On a side note, the comment section under that trailer is full of such comments/.
Ok, I take it. I take it that DotA 2 community is totally ok with LoL and they are completely non-aggressive towards us now. I derp around in twitter and find "DotA 2 already has replay function LOL. Beta DotA 2 client > LoL client right now"
Since when LoL tournaments stream and show us replays? oh right, they always were doing that...IIRC even in the beta the replay system was functioning on a few days basis. Let's just see how much time will it take to valve to enable replay system (functioning over patches) for normal people....

So, that's it. I am staying with LoL, because I don't really trust Valve that much (you know steam still bugs even after years of being fixed, right?)

Got questions? opinions? critique? Just tell me. (And click ads if you like my blog , it supports me and shows me that you care ^_^ )

Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Million dollars for winner of Season 2 in LoL

Guess, who's staying with LoL under any circumstances? Yes, you are right, the whole community is!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free Brand weeks

That's it. I now officially hate free Brand weeks. Not because of brand himself...but because of the players who play him on these weeks...

Simply, I take Lux and go mid. Meet Brand there. Stupid Brand, that is. He misses all the skills, but E (which is target clicked -> doesn't have to aim) He harrases me with that a little (because passive takes 8% of health + the damage of the spell), then he gets level 6 , flashes to me, E + R + Ignite -> I am dead.

And that's why I hate playing against noob Brands...they are noobs, yet they can kill me on level 6 without aiming anything...

DotA2 screenshots

Yeah, so the new DotA 2 screenshots came out, and honestly: I don't like them...they look way too much HoNish >.>

Also...Am I the only one noticing the plastic looks? <.<

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New information about dominion

Can all be found in NA link EUW link !

Thanks to D3Reap3r for making that thread :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Riot finally decided to create more game modes, and the first one will be called "dominion". How they described it, it looks like a fast paced Control point mode, so bring on ye scouts and pain trains, we are gonna capture!

In my opinion more game modes will be able to hold people on LoL much longer after DotA2 being released, which would be a great news :) .

P.S. We need to find a way how to persuade them to make a zombie mode too ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Everyone of us experienced a game where he/she was feeding the enemy because of something. Many times it's just, because the said person is unlucky or, in contradiction, the enemy is lucky with crits. Sometimes you feed by walking in your jungle, encountering all 5 enemies right at the entrance, which makes you somehow angry...

Anyway, this kind of feeding is not on purpose and shouldn't be reported. But if a person is feeding on purpose, it isn't just because he has had a bad day. It's many times caused by the fact that he believes that he is teamed with fucktards and must destroy their game, no matter what. That is the feeding which will make the AD Annie go 1-30 and that one should be reported.

AD Annie...that should be of course reported too...Or should it?

Friday, July 22, 2011

The monkey king and MOBA games

As most of you have noticed, the next upcoming champion in LoL is Monkey King...And so is in HoN! But make no mistake: They are not copying each other, it's just so wonderful coincidence that the final part of development of new champions, which are almost identical, came in the same time. In fact, it takes about a year for a champion to come out, so they technically couldn't be copying each other :P

The origin of the idea is in Journey to the West , a classical Chinese novel written by Wu Cheng'en. Wukong in this novel was some kind of hero or even god, with godlike powers. Well...who wouldn't use that idea for a MOBA game, right? :D

In other news, Leona seems to have some kind of secret passive (or at least Zileas said so >.> ) and many people from community are searching for it since her release...still got nothing :P Here is link to it if you are interested in helping.

P.S. Am I the only one who can't wait for Scarner? o.Q

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eu split is now done

... and people are asking two questions: 1.Why is there still queue, didn't Riot promise us no queue?
and 2. Why do we still have to play on NY servers?

Answer to first question is quite simple: too many people logging in at the same time after maintenance will always result in queue. It's like a door: it doesn't matter how great the room behind them is, you can't get thousand people through at the same time.

The answer second question is even simpler: Riot didn't have time to remove NY servers from server cloud during the split, so they are slowly and cautiously doing it now...that's why some games on EU west are played on NY servers, but they should disappear shortly...

Got any other questions you would like answered? Then comment away! :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Player disconnected? No problem!

  It happens from time to time that one person from your team just can't connect. Mostly it's not their fault so you shouldn't rage too much about it. Try to play properly instead!
  Your enemies will think that it's a free win when they are playing 5v4, prove them wrong! They will play careless and will probably feed you and your mates. While they have the bonus of one player, you have the element of surprise at your side! Play your best and beat the rest! You'll soon notice that in teamfights where everyone is present, one kill of your enemies is worth more EXP than kill of your teammates resulting in your team getting more experience from teamfights, and so it is overleveled. That is something from which you can take advantage and take a fast win on 4v5. Just don't surrender at the beginning. And most importantly have loads of fun! :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Assassins, Gangers and Love!

So as title says, I am going to talk about assassins and gangers (and love!).

Assassin is a champion which can burst out a lot of single targeted damage in a short time, mostly should have some gap closing skill and can't withstand longer teamfights. An example to this is Pantheon and Akali: they both have gap closing skills, deal immense amount of damage and have a skill to survive for a little longer then they should. Important is that they both die pretty fast when focused or Crowd Controlled (CC) and when you are their victim, you scream in agony each time they kill you.

Gangers are champions who are made out of tougher meat and have some sort of durable crowd control. They also tend to love teamfights, because they are simply tough. And to be perfect they too mostly have gap closers A perfect examples are Amumu (which is an excelent tank at the same time) and Xin Zhao. Both have gap closers which are CCs at the same time and they are tougher than most other champions. Their abilities are also suitable for teamfights and initiating them.

and what about love you ask? Well, Amumu could use some so go and pick him to cheer him up! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color a costume mini contest!

So there is this contest held at both US and EU forums and I decided to join with mah uber painting skills ;D

So here is my entry :>

Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Kill stealing", "backdoor" and other things

Something like a kill steal happens to everyone. We are not happy when someone steals our kill, but in fact even if someone steals your kill, you should be OK.
Let me explain: Assist system in LoL splits 75% of bounty between assisters. That means, if a kill was made by two people and the bounty was 100 gold, then killer gets 100 gold and assister 75. If there were two assisters each of them would receive 37.5 gold and so on.
Also if the bounty is higher for some reason (first blood or killing spree) then it's even more profitable to have at least one assister because when you have assisters to kills, your team gains 175% of gold instead of 100% if you killed them alone.

Backdooring is considered to be dirty and unfair tactic ever since DotA.What is backdooring you ask? Backdooring is an act of attacking unguarded enemy structures deep in their territory, without your minions. And what is so bad about it? Well, that is my question also. If we forbid everything that contains surprising the enemy, like backdooring does, then we would also have to forbid gangs and surprise builds. In fact, backdooring isn't as easy as it seems to enemy, mostly you die during trying to get to their tower or during attacking it, resulting in loosing the game for you and your team-mates. But if you succeed, the enemy gets so mad that he goes to forums and QQs about it being forbidden. 
Oh and don't believe the talks that it was forbidden in DotA's competitive wasn't.

Friday, July 1, 2011

League of Legends and Guild Wars: the similarities, the differences

LoL and GW are similar in few things: One thing is that each of them has millions of fans worldwide. Another is grouping with random people and playing with them in missions AKA fields of justice separated from other players.
These points imply that they should have similar problems even though they are different games. But there comes the first difference:
Guild Wars was designed by new company ( which separated from older, skilled and prouder company (NCsoft) and it was designed to be one of the greatest MMOs on the planet. They simple knew that they'll have millions of players. They knew from problems with Lineage and Lineage 2 that they have to come with solution to future problems even before the game launches. So they made a multiplatformeous system which didn't have problems with playerbase, because there was none. Basically each outpost or mission is hosted on a different platform. Even the chat has it's own platform and people connect to it in a complex way -> the chat isn't based on the same platform as the ingame stuff is. And as a plus to that, the systems made it available to move players through platforms.
League of Legends on the other hand was designed by (back then) small company with just few dozens of employees and it was made for few maybe dozens thousands of people. And almost two years later there are millions of players. While the chat is on a separate platform, it is infact based on the summoner's platform -> you can't chat with someone on a different platform. Also, because of database fragility in LoL (the database gets written into after every match, purchase and even connection to lolclient) the player data are really hard to transfer to different platform. (now you might be thinking "HURR, we will be able to transfer data to other platform during the first days after split, this guy is wrong" , so I've got an answer to this: Riot will probably take down a lot of game servers (they'll be un-needed for the first days) and through those we will be able to transfer...but it will still be risky and the database might fail a few times in the beginning during the first great mob migration )

If you've got any more questions, counter-arguments or just want to prove me wrong, you are welcome to write a comment down there.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh and before I forget (again >.> )...

To people complaining heavily about splitting Europe... You know that most other games split US into west and east or north and south? And it's done for the same reasons, so stop complaining so much people...

EU split

  Since I am an EU player ever since Beta, I've experienced a lot of problems around servers. I know US had some too, but not as many and not as intense as EU had. Mostly I was feeling like 'Meh' when servers went down. But it surely was annoying even for such phlegmatic person as I am.

Now Riot finally came with a solution: the infamous EU server split. I don't really like every part of it, but I know that it has to be done. Why you ask? Why doesn't Riot just purchase more servers?  Answer to this is kind of complicated.
Let's say you have fridge with shelves inside. Each shelf can hold a set amount of food. Once the shelf is full, you need to add another one. This way you fill in the fridge. Then you still need to store more food so you make a decision "Herp, let's put more food on each one of the shelves. It might work!". So you do it and it works. But then all the shelves collapse and you have to remove all the food from fridge and slowly one by one put it back in.
This is basically what Riot was doing for last months: getting more servers (shelves) and putting more food (summoners) on each shelf.
Then if you want to store even more food, you have to buy another fridge and split the food. And that's what Riot wants to do. And we rage about that.

Infact it is possibly the only solution to this problem , so we should behave better and not complain about it so much.

Now let me prophet into the future:

EU west will soon have similar problems as EU has now because of thousands players from EU east going there thinking that it will be better. But I doubt it. We all know that there are German, French and Spain players of which many refuse to speak english and will in their language instead. I fear that with this split it will only increase in intensity, because they'll know that there are more of them on their platform, ain't that right?

But make no mistake, EU east + Nords will be in similar state to this : While most of the Nords does and will speak english, the Slavs don't and won't. I am one of them and I know people around here... It's sad but true, that we prefer to speak in our languages between us.

I don't want to give hints on which server anyone should play, because I am still undecided myself, but I beg you: Make your decision wisely so you won't complain on the forums, that Riot is bad and all that. They aren't. They are actually doing whatever they can to make us enjoy the game, so act as you would like to people act if you were one of them. (that sentence doesn't make sense, but that doesn't matter to me :D )

Now..How about a drink?