Thursday, June 30, 2011

EU split

  Since I am an EU player ever since Beta, I've experienced a lot of problems around servers. I know US had some too, but not as many and not as intense as EU had. Mostly I was feeling like 'Meh' when servers went down. But it surely was annoying even for such phlegmatic person as I am.

Now Riot finally came with a solution: the infamous EU server split. I don't really like every part of it, but I know that it has to be done. Why you ask? Why doesn't Riot just purchase more servers?  Answer to this is kind of complicated.
Let's say you have fridge with shelves inside. Each shelf can hold a set amount of food. Once the shelf is full, you need to add another one. This way you fill in the fridge. Then you still need to store more food so you make a decision "Herp, let's put more food on each one of the shelves. It might work!". So you do it and it works. But then all the shelves collapse and you have to remove all the food from fridge and slowly one by one put it back in.
This is basically what Riot was doing for last months: getting more servers (shelves) and putting more food (summoners) on each shelf.
Then if you want to store even more food, you have to buy another fridge and split the food. And that's what Riot wants to do. And we rage about that.

Infact it is possibly the only solution to this problem , so we should behave better and not complain about it so much.

Now let me prophet into the future:

EU west will soon have similar problems as EU has now because of thousands players from EU east going there thinking that it will be better. But I doubt it. We all know that there are German, French and Spain players of which many refuse to speak english and will in their language instead. I fear that with this split it will only increase in intensity, because they'll know that there are more of them on their platform, ain't that right?

But make no mistake, EU east + Nords will be in similar state to this : While most of the Nords does and will speak english, the Slavs don't and won't. I am one of them and I know people around here... It's sad but true, that we prefer to speak in our languages between us.

I don't want to give hints on which server anyone should play, because I am still undecided myself, but I beg you: Make your decision wisely so you won't complain on the forums, that Riot is bad and all that. They aren't. They are actually doing whatever they can to make us enjoy the game, so act as you would like to people act if you were one of them. (that sentence doesn't make sense, but that doesn't matter to me :D )

Now..How about a drink?

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