Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Kill stealing", "backdoor" and other things

Something like a kill steal happens to everyone. We are not happy when someone steals our kill, but in fact even if someone steals your kill, you should be OK.
Let me explain: Assist system in LoL splits 75% of bounty between assisters. That means, if a kill was made by two people and the bounty was 100 gold, then killer gets 100 gold and assister 75. If there were two assisters each of them would receive 37.5 gold and so on.
Also if the bounty is higher for some reason (first blood or killing spree) then it's even more profitable to have at least one assister because when you have assisters to kills, your team gains 175% of gold instead of 100% if you killed them alone.

Backdooring is considered to be dirty and unfair tactic ever since DotA.What is backdooring you ask? Backdooring is an act of attacking unguarded enemy structures deep in their territory, without your minions. And what is so bad about it? Well, that is my question also. If we forbid everything that contains surprising the enemy, like backdooring does, then we would also have to forbid gangs and surprise builds. In fact, backdooring isn't as easy as it seems to enemy, mostly you die during trying to get to their tower or during attacking it, resulting in loosing the game for you and your team-mates. But if you succeed, the enemy gets so mad that he goes to forums and QQs about it being forbidden. 
Oh and don't believe the talks that it was forbidden in DotA's competitive scene....it wasn't.

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  1. Yeah seroiusly, people who whine about KSing and BDing are noobs. alphabetalife.blogspot.com