Friday, July 22, 2011

The monkey king and MOBA games

As most of you have noticed, the next upcoming champion in LoL is Monkey King...And so is in HoN! But make no mistake: They are not copying each other, it's just so wonderful coincidence that the final part of development of new champions, which are almost identical, came in the same time. In fact, it takes about a year for a champion to come out, so they technically couldn't be copying each other :P

The origin of the idea is in Journey to the West , a classical Chinese novel written by Wu Cheng'en. Wukong in this novel was some kind of hero or even god, with godlike powers. Well...who wouldn't use that idea for a MOBA game, right? :D

In other news, Leona seems to have some kind of secret passive (or at least Zileas said so >.> ) and many people from community are searching for it since her release...still got nothing :P Here is link to it if you are interested in helping.

P.S. Am I the only one who can't wait for Scarner? o.Q

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eu split is now done

... and people are asking two questions: 1.Why is there still queue, didn't Riot promise us no queue?
and 2. Why do we still have to play on NY servers?

Answer to first question is quite simple: too many people logging in at the same time after maintenance will always result in queue. It's like a door: it doesn't matter how great the room behind them is, you can't get thousand people through at the same time.

The answer second question is even simpler: Riot didn't have time to remove NY servers from server cloud during the split, so they are slowly and cautiously doing it now...that's why some games on EU west are played on NY servers, but they should disappear shortly...

Got any other questions you would like answered? Then comment away! :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Player disconnected? No problem!

  It happens from time to time that one person from your team just can't connect. Mostly it's not their fault so you shouldn't rage too much about it. Try to play properly instead!
  Your enemies will think that it's a free win when they are playing 5v4, prove them wrong! They will play careless and will probably feed you and your mates. While they have the bonus of one player, you have the element of surprise at your side! Play your best and beat the rest! You'll soon notice that in teamfights where everyone is present, one kill of your enemies is worth more EXP than kill of your teammates resulting in your team getting more experience from teamfights, and so it is overleveled. That is something from which you can take advantage and take a fast win on 4v5. Just don't surrender at the beginning. And most importantly have loads of fun! :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Assassins, Gangers and Love!

So as title says, I am going to talk about assassins and gangers (and love!).

Assassin is a champion which can burst out a lot of single targeted damage in a short time, mostly should have some gap closing skill and can't withstand longer teamfights. An example to this is Pantheon and Akali: they both have gap closing skills, deal immense amount of damage and have a skill to survive for a little longer then they should. Important is that they both die pretty fast when focused or Crowd Controlled (CC) and when you are their victim, you scream in agony each time they kill you.

Gangers are champions who are made out of tougher meat and have some sort of durable crowd control. They also tend to love teamfights, because they are simply tough. And to be perfect they too mostly have gap closers A perfect examples are Amumu (which is an excelent tank at the same time) and Xin Zhao. Both have gap closers which are CCs at the same time and they are tougher than most other champions. Their abilities are also suitable for teamfights and initiating them.

and what about love you ask? Well, Amumu could use some so go and pick him to cheer him up! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color a costume mini contest!

So there is this contest held at both US and EU forums and I decided to join with mah uber painting skills ;D

So here is my entry :>

Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Kill stealing", "backdoor" and other things

Something like a kill steal happens to everyone. We are not happy when someone steals our kill, but in fact even if someone steals your kill, you should be OK.
Let me explain: Assist system in LoL splits 75% of bounty between assisters. That means, if a kill was made by two people and the bounty was 100 gold, then killer gets 100 gold and assister 75. If there were two assisters each of them would receive 37.5 gold and so on.
Also if the bounty is higher for some reason (first blood or killing spree) then it's even more profitable to have at least one assister because when you have assisters to kills, your team gains 175% of gold instead of 100% if you killed them alone.

Backdooring is considered to be dirty and unfair tactic ever since DotA.What is backdooring you ask? Backdooring is an act of attacking unguarded enemy structures deep in their territory, without your minions. And what is so bad about it? Well, that is my question also. If we forbid everything that contains surprising the enemy, like backdooring does, then we would also have to forbid gangs and surprise builds. In fact, backdooring isn't as easy as it seems to enemy, mostly you die during trying to get to their tower or during attacking it, resulting in loosing the game for you and your team-mates. But if you succeed, the enemy gets so mad that he goes to forums and QQs about it being forbidden. 
Oh and don't believe the talks that it was forbidden in DotA's competitive wasn't.

Friday, July 1, 2011

League of Legends and Guild Wars: the similarities, the differences

LoL and GW are similar in few things: One thing is that each of them has millions of fans worldwide. Another is grouping with random people and playing with them in missions AKA fields of justice separated from other players.
These points imply that they should have similar problems even though they are different games. But there comes the first difference:
Guild Wars was designed by new company ( which separated from older, skilled and prouder company (NCsoft) and it was designed to be one of the greatest MMOs on the planet. They simple knew that they'll have millions of players. They knew from problems with Lineage and Lineage 2 that they have to come with solution to future problems even before the game launches. So they made a multiplatformeous system which didn't have problems with playerbase, because there was none. Basically each outpost or mission is hosted on a different platform. Even the chat has it's own platform and people connect to it in a complex way -> the chat isn't based on the same platform as the ingame stuff is. And as a plus to that, the systems made it available to move players through platforms.
League of Legends on the other hand was designed by (back then) small company with just few dozens of employees and it was made for few maybe dozens thousands of people. And almost two years later there are millions of players. While the chat is on a separate platform, it is infact based on the summoner's platform -> you can't chat with someone on a different platform. Also, because of database fragility in LoL (the database gets written into after every match, purchase and even connection to lolclient) the player data are really hard to transfer to different platform. (now you might be thinking "HURR, we will be able to transfer data to other platform during the first days after split, this guy is wrong" , so I've got an answer to this: Riot will probably take down a lot of game servers (they'll be un-needed for the first days) and through those we will be able to transfer...but it will still be risky and the database might fail a few times in the beginning during the first great mob migration )

If you've got any more questions, counter-arguments or just want to prove me wrong, you are welcome to write a comment down there.