Friday, July 1, 2011

League of Legends and Guild Wars: the similarities, the differences

LoL and GW are similar in few things: One thing is that each of them has millions of fans worldwide. Another is grouping with random people and playing with them in missions AKA fields of justice separated from other players.
These points imply that they should have similar problems even though they are different games. But there comes the first difference:
Guild Wars was designed by new company ( which separated from older, skilled and prouder company (NCsoft) and it was designed to be one of the greatest MMOs on the planet. They simple knew that they'll have millions of players. They knew from problems with Lineage and Lineage 2 that they have to come with solution to future problems even before the game launches. So they made a multiplatformeous system which didn't have problems with playerbase, because there was none. Basically each outpost or mission is hosted on a different platform. Even the chat has it's own platform and people connect to it in a complex way -> the chat isn't based on the same platform as the ingame stuff is. And as a plus to that, the systems made it available to move players through platforms.
League of Legends on the other hand was designed by (back then) small company with just few dozens of employees and it was made for few maybe dozens thousands of people. And almost two years later there are millions of players. While the chat is on a separate platform, it is infact based on the summoner's platform -> you can't chat with someone on a different platform. Also, because of database fragility in LoL (the database gets written into after every match, purchase and even connection to lolclient) the player data are really hard to transfer to different platform. (now you might be thinking "HURR, we will be able to transfer data to other platform during the first days after split, this guy is wrong" , so I've got an answer to this: Riot will probably take down a lot of game servers (they'll be un-needed for the first days) and through those we will be able to transfer...but it will still be risky and the database might fail a few times in the beginning during the first great mob migration )

If you've got any more questions, counter-arguments or just want to prove me wrong, you are welcome to write a comment down there.


  1. I think there will be less transfering (as a % of the playerbase) than most people think :)


  2. Well, most of Slavs will probably stay because we are kind of proud people and understand each other >.> and I know that there are way too many polish people :D