Thursday, August 18, 2011


While many people are so much excited about DotA 2 and many people are already claiming that it's the mother of all MOBA games and so on, and that LoL is gonna die now, I am more objective about it, in my opinion.

First, I'd like to point out that DotA 2 isn't mother of MOBA genre...nor was ever DotA. Aeon of Strife was first mod which made this genre up and running.

Secondly, I have to say that DotA community has failed me...League of Legends has some millions players and totally diminishing number of them were ever claiming that DotA is a bad game. While we didn't play it, we didn't discourage others from p

laying it. We discouraged people from playing HoN, for what HoN was (a cheap copypasta). And what we get in return? Posts like this "OMG HoN and LoL are just cheap copies, they better die now, they just used ctrl+c, ctrl+v"

Did we really deserve it? If yes, tell me with what.

Also, I found this in the comments under the DotA 2 trailer (which just doesn't cut it as much as other valve movies...what happened with them?) "omg LOL and HoN have taken the models from WC3... Nice trailer hope its get better then LoL"

Now you might say "That's just some dumbass, you can't base the objective view on one idiot" /On a side note, the comment section under that trailer is full of such comments/.
Ok, I take it. I take it that DotA 2 community is totally ok with LoL and they are completely non-aggressive towards us now. I derp around in twitter and find "DotA 2 already has replay function LOL. Beta DotA 2 client > LoL client right now"
Since when LoL tournaments stream and show us replays? oh right, they always were doing that...IIRC even in the beta the replay system was functioning on a few days basis. Let's just see how much time will it take to valve to enable replay system (functioning over patches) for normal people....

So, that's it. I am staying with LoL, because I don't really trust Valve that much (you know steam still bugs even after years of being fixed, right?)

Got questions? opinions? critique? Just tell me. (And click ads if you like my blog , it supports me and shows me that you care ^_^ )


  1. DoTA 2 is way more like HoN (both staying more true to the original DoTA) than LoL.

    I think, if DoTA 2 really is the hit it's supposed to be, that HoN will be the one that'll have a rough patch as opposed to LoL.

  2. Well, LoL is quite different from them, and now will have Dominion. In my opinion HoN will start rotting right about now :P

  3. Hon is gone.Dota 2 will just chip a bit at the playerbase but League of Legends is a behemoth like now.Kind of like WoW is in the MMORPG Genre.