Thursday, July 7, 2011

Assassins, Gangers and Love!

So as title says, I am going to talk about assassins and gangers (and love!).

Assassin is a champion which can burst out a lot of single targeted damage in a short time, mostly should have some gap closing skill and can't withstand longer teamfights. An example to this is Pantheon and Akali: they both have gap closing skills, deal immense amount of damage and have a skill to survive for a little longer then they should. Important is that they both die pretty fast when focused or Crowd Controlled (CC) and when you are their victim, you scream in agony each time they kill you.

Gangers are champions who are made out of tougher meat and have some sort of durable crowd control. They also tend to love teamfights, because they are simply tough. And to be perfect they too mostly have gap closers A perfect examples are Amumu (which is an excelent tank at the same time) and Xin Zhao. Both have gap closers which are CCs at the same time and they are tougher than most other champions. Their abilities are also suitable for teamfights and initiating them.

and what about love you ask? Well, Amumu could use some so go and pick him to cheer him up! :)

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